Happy Birthday, Drop the Charges! Dance against the State!

Post-Event Update:

Thanks to everyone who showed up outside the Minneapolis Club on Tuesday to demand that Susan Gaertner drop all the RNC felony charges! The rally/dance party outside Ramsey County Prosecutor and 2010 DFL Governor Candidate Gaertner’s fundraiser was a huge success. At its height over 100 people were grooving their bodies at the gates of the Minneapolis Club, making an unmistakable demand to Gaertner’s potential donors that she needs to drop all the RNC felony charges now. She’s on the defensive! Despite police harassment, nobody was arrested.

You can read more about the party and the RNC 8’s “endorsement” of Gaertner, and see photos of the rally, at Twin Cities Indymedia, here:

And watch video from the Minnesota Daily, here:

What: Dance party/rally against the State!

When: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, 4:30PM!

Where: 2nd Ave & 8th St in Downtown Minneapolis
(the gates of the Minneapolis Club)

Who: You & your loudest and dancing-est friends! Bring signs & noisemakers, dress warmly, and be ready to get down!

On Tuesday, December 2nd, Susan Gaertner is holding a ritzy fundraiser for her 2010 DFL campaign for governor. It also happens to be her birthday. As the lead prosecutor for the 18 felony cases which stem from the RNC, including the cases of the RNC 8 and Dave Mahoney, let’s remind her of the political repercussions of trying these phony cases! If Susan Gaertner wants to continue carrying out these prosecutions that are threatening to ruin lives and our communities, we’ll ruin her campaign for governor!

A dance party/rally has been planned outside her fundraiser. If you want the charges dropped for the 18 folks facing felonies, make it known to Susan and all her supporters that her political endeavors will never succeed with her prosecution of RNC arrestees on her record.

And most importantly, we’re still here and still fighting, even after many of us experienced intense state repression firsthand at the RNC. Let’s continue having fun and keep our spirits high, while not forgetting what brought us here in the first place. We’ve been keeping solidarity going in the courts– lets carry it into the streets again and shake off the legal system’s icy grip on our community and the winter cold outta our booties|!


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