Next CRASS Meeting this Sunday, Feb. 15, 1-3pm

As promised, we’ve arranged for an alternate meeting space for our spokescouncil meeting and general assembly since our usual spot was booked. And we’re taking this time to do something fun and creative!

This Sunday, we’ll have a short combined spokescouncil and general assembly followed by fun time! We’ll be creating masks and decorations for the Feb. 24th Mardi Gras procession (part of our civil litigation campaign), making thank you cards for people who have donated to us, writing letters to people serving time for RNC charges, and re-sizing some of our amazing CRASS t-shirts to make them even radder and more appealing. Bring some food to share and join in on the fun!

Our next meeting will be at:

Merriam Park Library
1831 Marshall Ave, St. Paul

Don’t miss out! Join us for some fun…and bring some friends!


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