Join us in suing the bastards!

Were you in the Twin Cities during the RNC? Arrested? Attacked by the cops? Intimidated out of exercising your rights?

If so, join us in suing the state to hold them accountable for what they did to us in the streets!

We’re  seeking potential plaintiffs to sue the state. If you feel your rights were violated–whether through excessive force or police brutality, an unlawful arrest/search, mistreatment in jail, or the suppression of your first amendment rights–then you might be a good candidate for an individual, small group, or class action suit. Let’s sue the bastards!

To get involved, send us an intake form so we can help coordinate communication and plan our political & legal strategies in support of civil litigation. The intake form is available on our Resources page.  High-quality info will be heading your way on our low-traffic announcement listserv.

Complete  your form and send it to us at:

CRASS Civil Litigation
c/o Coldsnap Legal Collective
PO Box 50514
Minneapolis, MN 55405

You can send us intake forms and potentially take part in civil litigation even if you were unable to file a Notice of Claim form last month. Lots and lots of information about RNC civil litigation is available on the Sue the Bastards! Civil Litigation Working Group‘s page, and you can contact us at

Please help us spread the word about intake forms and let us know how we can help you. As always, we’ve got your back!


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