Tour de Fletcher a success!!

The Tour de Fletcher was a grand success! About 50 people met up at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis to tour the houses raided under the direction of Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher on the Saturday before the RNC. And many more joined the group at the Walker Community Church for a fantastic lunch. In all, the event raised around $400 for the RNC 8’s legal defense fund. This was one action for the National Day of Solidarity with the RNC 8.

Even with all the fun and community building we experienced on Saturday, we were faced with extreme police harassment and intimidation. The police followed our ride and had several bike cops ride amongst us. As we were leaving our second stop, they arrested one rider who was leaving to attend another event. Two members of Coldsnap Legal Collective were able to bail him out within a few hours, but the police presence and arrest were unwarranted. We continue to face repression for organizing together and standing in solidarity, but their tactics will never stop us!

See the full story and a great video at


One Response to Tour de Fletcher a success!!

  1. haloka says:

    i don’t think the cop harassment was “extreme” – extremely weird and extremely wasteful, yes, but a lot of people face a lot worse – including the folks were were raided @ the RNC and people who face worse harassment that isn’t overtly political.

    back to work… 🙂

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