RNC 8 Support Events Coming Up Soon!

Our comrades in the Friends of the RNC 8 are keeping up the pressure on Susan Gaertner! Dropping the terrorism charges against the 8 was the smart move on Gaertner’s part, but her attempts to criminalize dissent will not be overlooked simply because she does one decent thing. Help keep the pressure on her! Come out to these events to learn more about the RNC 8, how their case affects us all, and how you can help defend them and our abilities to organize.

For more information, check out http://www.rnc8.org.

Defend the RNC 8! The Struggle for Justice After the RNC
Wednesday, April 29 – 7pm
Coffman Student Union Room 324
University of Minnesota
300 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis
The RNC 8 are a group of Twin Cities residents, nearly all in their 20s, who were initially charged with conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism under the Minnesota version of the Patriot Act. Although recently the terrorism charges were dropped, they still each face 5 years in prison for organizing peaceful direct action against the Republican National Convention last September. Come hear them tell their story, and find out how and why to get involved in their defense campaign. Speakers include Gay Bicking, mother of Monica Bicking of the RNC 8 and the RNC 8, including University of Minnesota student Max Specktor.

Hellraiser Outside Susan Gaertner’s Fundraiser
Thursday, April 30, 5-7pm
801 Washington Ave., Minneapolis , Suite 302 (home of David Potter and Darwin Lookingbill)

Come make some noise at Gaertner’s next fundraiser. And look forward to a special announcement from the RNC 8!

Rush-hour Picket at Susan Gaertner’s Campaign Office
Tuesday, May 5, 4:30-6pm
1821 University Ave. W., St. Paul, (corner of University and Fairview), Suite 116

As Gaertner struggles to raise money for her floundering campaign for the DFL governor endorsement, she’s also continuing another type of political campaign … one that could land community organizers in prison. Please join us on Tuesday, May 5, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. to picket Susan’s campaign office during the height of rush-hour visibility. We can’t afford to let the pressure up now!


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