RNC One-Year Anniversary Media Packet Now Available!

Our Omnibus Working Group has also been incredibly busy this month! In anticipation of the one-year anniversary of the RNC, we have compiled a packet to provide information and resources to the media.

You can find it by clicking on “RNC One-Year Anniversary Media Packet” in the “Welcome!” box to the right.

The package includes information from:
•Courtwatch: Arrestee Statistics
•Felony Cases Update
•Civil Litigation Information: Pending Suits
•Support Sites and Other Resources
•Multimedia: Still Images and Video for Media Use
•Upcoming Dates
•Contacts for the Media

The information in this packet is free for use and dissemination by your organization, in whole or in part, with
credit to the Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure or as otherwise noted.

An excerpt from the packet:

“One year after the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., the aftermath remains newswor-
thy.  The RNC was for many of us our first taste of a police state; the astounding violence against pro-
testers, bystanders, journalists and others directed by Sheriff Bob Fletcher and other authorities shocked and radicalized many of us.  We have since come to realize that these instances of raids, intimidation and
violence play out regularly in our society, particularly in communities of color and working class commu-
nities, and will almost assuredly replay themselves at upcoming summits such as the G20 in Pittsburgh later
this September. Thus, keeping the RNC in our collective consciousness is critical.”

Click on the link to see the whole thing!

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