Civil Litigation Updates

We’re continuing to make progress on civil litigation!

Recently, Minneapolis lawyer Jordan Kushner has filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County for someone arrested around the time of the Rage Against the Machine concert on Wednesday, September 3, 2008. If you were arrested on this day in Minneapolis and are also interested in filing suit, please talk with Jordan immediately at:


Also, on September 13, the Civil Litigation Working Group had a great meeting about civil litigation from September 4, 2008 with members of the Anti-War Committee and other people who were arrested on the last day of the RNC. We started talking about ways to organize ourselves to get rolling on all the work that needs to be done to get suits filed for Day 4. But we need your help!

If you were arrested on Day 4, please email or call 651.230.6513.

We’ve also scheduled a follow-up meeting for Sunday, Oct. 25, place and time TBD. Save the date now!

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