Evidence Collection

There are many organizations that collected evidence during the RNC including CUAPB, NLG, Indymedia, and other independent media sources. They have collected film, pictures, notes. It will help your attorney to see any evidence that you have collected as soon as possible. Coldsnap is working on developing a mechanism to get evidence to individual arrestees and their attorneys.

If you have photo or video of the demonstrations it is best if you DO NOT post it online via YouTube, flickr or other media sources. This can act as evidence against people in their cases. If you have footage, photos or other evidence please pass it on to Coldsnap or NLG. Instructions for doing this are below. PLEASE DO NOT just send evidence directly to the Coldsnap e-mail.

Have any videos, photos, or witness statements from the RNC?

If you have any unaltered or unedited original video (copies are okay), photos, or witness statements from the week’s events, PLEASE mail them in, following the instructions below.

NOTE: These items are being collected, processed and catalogued for potential use in court matters. We CANNOT accept altered or edited items.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE A DEFENDANT IN A CRIMINAL CASE, please consult the attorney representing you and discuss the possible ramifications of any submission before doing so.


By mail:

  1. Print out and complete the Intake Form.
  2. Send the item (notes, video, photos, etc.) and completed intake form by certified mail to:
Berglund & Magnuson, PLLC
1595 Selby Ave. #102
St. Paul, MN 55104.

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