Police Misconduct Forms

Communities United Against Police Brutality strongly discourages people from filing complaints with the internal affairs division of the police department involved. In the past such complaints have overwhelmingly led to no action and at times encouraged retaliation by police against the person who files the complaint. Additionally, when the police find that ‘nothing improper’ happened in their internal review or the the officer ‘followed procedure’ (as they most often do), this can be used in any case pending against you.

Coldsnap has developed an alternative Police Misconduct form that can be downloaded here. These forms can then be used in civil suits brought against the city, county, and the police and sheriffs department. When the police investigate themselves they tend to let themselves off the hook, lawsuits however have a much better chance of holding someone accountable.

Completed forms can be mailed by certified mail to:

Berglund & Magnuson, PLLC
1595 Selby Ave. #102
St. Paul, MN 55104.

The Minneapolis Civil Review Board has misconduct forms and they have a photo binder to help identify individual officers. CUAPB can help people engage that process if they were abused by a Minneapolis cop during the RNC.


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