Court Solidarity

Monday, December 15: First RNC Trials

This day marks the start of RNC trials (as opposed to pre-trial appearances). Currently, 7 cases are scheduled to go to trial on Monday, December 15 at 9am. Show up to 131A. We will have people there to direct you to the appropriate courtrooms!

To mark the occasion, we will be packing the courts and holding a press conference. Show up in BIG numbers if you can!

We need more courtwatchers!
Email to get involved!

Please continue to support the RNC arrestees! The days of direct action are over (for now), but the legal support work has just begun for the people who survived the police brutality and mass arrests in the streets of St Paul and Minneapolis. Those arrested are going up before the court and the state and facing serious criminal charges for expressing their dissent during the RNC.

We are organizing a strong showing of community solidarity in the courtrooms to support our friends and are calling on you to be a part of that process. Presence in the courtroom provides a deterrent to judges’ negative behavior and lets the prosecutor know that the people they are bringing political charges against are not isolated, but part of a community with support. It also allows for the documentation and tracking of each of the cases that the government is following through on. More eyes on the process helps ensure that no one gets screwed over by the judicial system, and lets the state know that our community is committed to fighting them every step of the way.

Come out and show your solidarity! Just show up or contact us to be a courtwatch bottomliner. Email for more information.

Current court watchers can use this RNC Court Watcher Documentation Form.


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