CRASS Zine Project

Never mind the scenesters. The revolution needs zinesters!

The CRASS Zine Project is looking for graphic artists, writers, illustrators, editors and contributors of all kinds.

We are looking for people who are interested in writing, editing, design and layout, conducting interviews, being interviewed, creating rad artwork and generally sharing their time and talents to create a zine that will help us remember and, through remembering, help us transform our radical communities and our society at large.

You do not need experience, but energy and passion are a must. Although we meet biweekly, you do not need to live in town in order to get involved with this project.

We meet every other Wednesday at 8pm; email us at for the place and next meeting date!

Also join our Facebook group:

What is the CRASS Zine Project?

We are creating a zine about providing legal support to arrestees during and after the Republican National Convention in St. Paul last September. Our goal is to produce a document that will strengthen the movement for social justice and a world free of oppression by sharing our experiences working for people arrested en masse for exercising their constitutional rights. Our zine will tell our stories and help other people prepare for fighting back against state repression the next time they come for us in the streets.

Zine Resources

Want to get involved? An easy way to help out is to interview yourself and your friends. It’s even easier with these awesome interview guides. Check ’em out, fill ’em out, and email them to

Interview questions for RNC arrestees

Interview questions for CRASS working group members


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